At Reactive, we’re using the world’s leading boron-based discovery platform to discover and develop medicines in innovative and imaginative new ways. By utilizing boron’s unique characteristics to access novel binding sites, we’re looking to advance therapeutics in areas previously thought to be undruggable. Our goal is to make impactful medicines that can truly change the course of disease—and the lives of patients and their loved ones.

Leadership team

Julie Grant, CEO
Julie Grant
Steve Baker, Head of Chemistry
Steve Baker
Head of Chemistry
Tony Liu, Head of Platform
Tony Liu
Head of Platform
Peter Farina, Head of Pre-Clinical & Structural Biology
Peter Farina
Head of Pre-Clinical & Structural Biology
Esther van den Boom, CFO
Esther van den Boom
Head of Finance
Jake Plattner, Senior Scientific Fellow
Jake Plattner
Senior Scientific Fellow

Scientific founders

Stephen Benkovic, Scientific Founder
Stephen Benkovic
Scientific Founder
Paul Schimmel, Scientific Founder
Paul Schimmel
Scientific Founder
Lucy Shapiro, Scientific Founder
Lucy Shapiro
Scientific Founder

Partnering for innovation

Reactive is pursuing partnerships with companies interested in using our platform for accelerating the discovery and development of transformational medicines for patients. Please reach out to us to discuss potential synergies.


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